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My Main Bitch

Villa is everything I could ask for in a dog and more! She has great natural BALANCE, is incredibly INTENSE, and has extreme FOCUS. Nothing can distract this dog from a job, and she gives it her all ALL day long. She is the definition of workaholic.

She never seizes to amaze me or anyone that gets to watch her work. With her by my side, I know I can accomplish anything! It doesn't matter if we're working cattle in the corral or sorting them; if I have to send her a ridge or two away to retrieve or push stock along; or if it's just the two of us herding 2,000 ewes and lambs through thick timber. I can trust her with any job in any type of situation. She is quick, smart, quiet, works stock patiently, and has all the stamina. She has a HUGE heart and motor inside her little body. She truly is the best "hired hand" and my best friend.

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