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Hi! I'm Marie

 From lambing out a herd of 1,600 ewes on the range, to roping calves in the branding pen, I enjoy it all! Many people have asked me which I prefer working with, cattle or sheep, but I was raised to appreciate and respect them both. I grew up on, and still work for, two family ranches. One being on my mom's side, Julian Land & Livestock, raising thousands of sheep and some cows, and the other is my stepdad, Jim Hoffman's large cattle ranch. Talk about never ending work, just how I like it!

Although I enjoy them both, I absolutely love talking about all that goes into running a large sheep operation. I love roping wild ewes, counting herds, leading pack strings in the mountains, working my dogs, and visiting with our Peruvian sheepherders. I am using this space to share all of that with you. To teach you all the ins and outs of sheep ranching. To show you the beauty that I am blessed with seeing every day. To share with you my struggles and victorious stories the same. To show off how bad ass sheepherders are and show the world that we're still here. I am a granddaughter of one of the greatest sheepmen to ever live, Truman Julian, and daughter to the hardest working woman alive, Trudi Julian. I live for the same adventures and animals in my life as they have, and I am excited to let you be a part of it too. 





Can't wait to hear from you!

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