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Villa Progeny

Pups from past litters

I have bred Villa 3 times. Twice to Border Collie dogs that we use on our sheep ranch, worked by the Peruvian sheepherders that are with the sheep herds year round. The last litter was to a registered Border Collie dog, Bruiser, which I plan to breed her to again on her next heat cycle, because I am so happy with how the pups turned out! They mature fast, are quiet, and want to work. Of all the pups I have kept in touch with, they have turned out to be great working dogs, as well as loving family dogs.

Villa X Estuar 2019

Pete and Arrow are both long-legged athletes! They are fast, smart, EXTREMELY responsive, loyal, and friendly. You don't have to tell them twice to quickly react to any command.

"Pete is a one person dog; I love that about him. He is very good about learning new things. I like how he is so ambitious and playful in the mornings. He is always ready to go no matter what. His manners in the house are great. His cow sense is impeccable, in fact he has taught me a thing or two!" -Brad

Villa X Terible 2020

Fred, pictured above, reminds me a lot of his mother. He's small statured, quick, smart, and can go for days. He even understands and listens to two different languages!

Bridger's male pup "... is pretty versatile, he likes to work, but also is great at just doing whatever and is very friendly and well mannered. He has been great with sheep."

Tysha, who got a female from the litter, said that "Spud was a very natural dog. She was one of the quietest dogs we've owned. Never stirred stock up. She didn't need much direction and was very easy to train."

Pip, owned by BJ, was the runt of the litter and little did she stay! But her size doesn't stop her from being a BIG worker.

"Pip is the highest-drive dog I have ever had. She is so bold, which really comes in handy for my stubborn rams and ewes with lambs. She has had a gather instinct from the second we brought her home as a pup, and she has never been afraid to head a group of stock off as well. She knows how to win a battle and is smart about picking fights she knows she can win. She minds me very well and I don't have to worry about her getting too aggressive with the sheep. She has a natural tendency to be gentler with the young lambs and harder with the aggressive ewes and rams. She picked up on directions incredibly quickly from our other dog. We are still doing fine-tuning work, but I have never had a dog so excited to work no matter what. She has never quit me once, no matter how long and hot the day has been or how many times I raise my voice, which is more than I can say of any other stock dog I have had the chance to work. She is small, but fearless and SO fast and athletic. She has that intense eye and the low/intense stalk, but doesn't overuse it. She has a very nice, wide, outrun by nature. She is always thinking ahead and she knows where the sheep are every time I don't- which is SUCH a HUGE help. She is a pleaser, but not so dependent on pleasing that she loses her mind. She is an independent soul, but a lover at the same time. She definitely lives to work the sheep, and she loves to work the pigs and ducks and cattle too. Everyone who has met her instantly falls in love- she is a social butterfly, but she's all business when there is work to be done. She is happy to ride on the 4 wheeler, run beside, ride on the saddle, or enjoy the wind through her ears on the flatbed. Just an all around amazing, sweet, fun, wicked-smart, and willing dog." -BJ

Villa X Bruiser 2021

These two dogs are very similar in how they work and mature quickly. It is appearing to be passed down to their pups. These pups are definitely showing great potential to have it all! They have natural balance, are quiet, easy to train, and willing to go a long distance. They have big motors on them and are super lovable. I cannot wait for another litter to keep one for myself!

Mother and son working side by side. Villa is the far (right) dog and Pancho, 6 months in this video, is the closer (left) dog. He is a spitting image of his mother both in looks and how he works. Hence how he got his name! I am in progress of training him for my mom and am excited to see how he turns out.

Lori is a female out of this litter that is also very similar to her mother and I have enjoyed watching her grow.

 Villa Progeny
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